Bader (بدر) means "full moon" in Arabic. 

I am an art director and writer, who loves ideas.

I like problem-solving, brainstorming, creating visuals, word-smithing, and picking colors.

I recently got my masters degree and completed a portfolio program in communication and advertising..

I need a job.

I don't know what scares me most; the unknowns of the vast universe or the unknowns of the deep oceans.

I have a lot of goals in traditional and digital media I want to achieve in my career. 

I am starting-up a hat brand called allcaps

I live for pop culture and quality content.


Story Time:

One of my earliest memories is of me on a nest of pillows on the living room floor.


My parents would always find me perched up close to the television with wide eyes.


They soon realized I could not see very well...

...and I finally got glasses. 

Alexa, play "I Can See In Color," by Mary J. Blige.

ALSO, I was not kidding about the lemons.

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